Creativity in Cycling: EF x Palace

No other sport offers the sponsorship canvas that cycling does. There are pros and cons to this;

A title sponsor gets full naming rights of the team, and instant brand exposure.

Changing team names and identities make it a challenge for teams to generate long-term fan loyalty.

In a show-stealing move at the 2020 Giro d’Italia, US team EF Racing arrived in Italy looking to push the limits (of good taste) with their new kit courtesy of a collab with skateboard brand ‘Palace’.

It’s been a while since a cycling team really went off the plantation with their kit, but EF Racing’s 2020 Giro d’Italia look will take some beating.

The brave move was THE news at the Italian Grand Tour and generated huge attention for the team and it’s sponsors. The decision to collaborate with a brand like Palace also had the added benefit of bringing cycling, and the team, to the attention of a new, younger audience.

A €3,700 fine for non-compliant clothing from the UCI will have done little to dampen the mood of the sponsors who delivered one of the main talking points across the entire 2020 season of pro cycling.

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