A Cycling Strategy for your business

In 2020, cycling in Ireland nearly doubled in popularity with a 75% increase in participation. This resulted in more than 20% of Irish adults cycling regularly. 

We believe in building cycling experiences and events to help you create and construct authentic and trusted relationships with your clients and colleagues. 

We believe in challenging the conventional ways people build relationships; how someone rides a bike can give you a real insight into their character and builds a bonding experience that endures.

We also firmly believe in the value of cycling on many different levels. Competitive cycling, the Sunday spin, commuting daily; the environmental benefits of the bike outweigh most forms of transport.

More than anything, we believe in the health and wellbeing benefits of cycling to the individual, to you, to your colleagues, clients and staff. A cycling strategy for your business can include everything from the endorsement of Ireland’s leading cyclists, to a series of staff or client events delivered in person or virtually.

Align your brand with Ireland’s leading pro cyclists.

Private cycling experiences with Ireland’s leading pro cyclists.

Virtual group rides which will engage cyclists of all levels.

Premium cycling tours across Europe and beyond.

Evening Q&A events which focus on stories from great Irish cyclists.

Let Ireland’s leading pro riders tailor training plans for your staff.

Talk to Jessica at Trinity Sports Events today about a cycling strategy for your business to deliver awareness, affinity, staff engagement, performance, health and wellbeing.