Think Sam Bennett in green at the Tour de France. Think all the great Irish cyclists. Think Nico Roche, Ryan Mullen, Ben Healy. Think about sharing the road with top Irish pros. Think club spin. Think coffee spin. Think headspace, health and wellbeing. Think what cycling can do for you, your colleagues and your clients.

Think of talking to Trinity Sports Events about a cycling strategy for your business.

A Cycling Strategy for your business

Align your brand with Ireland’s leading pro cyclists.

Private cycling experiences with Ireland’s leading pro cyclists.

Virtual group rides which will engage cyclists of all levels.

Premium cycling tours across Europe and beyond.

Evening Q&A events which focus on stories from great Irish cyclists.

Let Ireland’s leading pro riders tailor training plans for your staff.

Talk to Jessica at Trinity Sports Events today about a cycling strategy for your business to deliver awareness, affinity, staff engagement, performance, health and wellbeing.


Where cycling and business meet